la got the people saying

This past weekend I surprised my husband with a birthday trip to california and it was the perfect getaway.  I wanted to take us somewhere close but also a place were it felt like a break from everything we know here in houston and to just enjoy ourselves.

IMG_7648 I had us landing in la but with a apartment in santa monica from airbnb; it was the perfect spot close to everything we needed, especially the beach.  Right below us we had a Starbucks (any morning person necessity) pizza and sandwich shops, a bank and a grocery store in case we needed to get anything right away.


From the moment we landed we just enjoyed ourselves and took in all that la, santa monica, venice beach and malibu had to offer.  We kept ourselves busy and our tummies full because each little city had some of the best food and drinks we had every tasted..and we are big foodies. The only bad side is that you spend a lot of money because a lot of the portions are smaller than back home so we would get tons of items off the menu (everything is definitely bigger in texas). 🙂



Runyon Canyon Park


Venice Beach



From my point of view the best times were at the beach; hands down.  We were lucky enough to come on a nice 75-80 degree weather weekend for january and it was the perfect break from the texas cold and rainy weather we have been having since the holidays.




Beverly Hills/ Rodeo Dr



Santa Monica Beach


Manhattan Beach at Sunset



Another great bonus was being able to see family and friends that  live in the area; they were able to give us a more true california feel compared to some of the touristy things we had on the agenda.


The Church KeyIMG_7505The Strand

So my biggest callouts from cali…

  1. Working out- I could have literally worn yoga pants the whole time and it would have been ok.
  2. Starbucks- On every corner where it reminded me of NYC so much.
  3. Cars- Energy saving cars like Tesla’s and Prius were huge and you couldn’t go 2 secs without seeing one!!
  4. People- The biggest arrangement of people i have seen but it was awesome! It definitely shows that in cali you can be anyone you want to be with no judgement. I loved that!
  5. Traffic- I will never complain about houston traffic..or at least try not too. 🙂
  6. Weather- Perfection..I could live there in a second because I don’t mind it being summer all year round!
  7. Food- Too many to choose from but great every time!

All in all I highly recommend it to anyone and I will definitely plan on going back very soon!!






all about neutrals

I don’t know about any of you but I am obsessing over neutral for the winter season.  For me, it’s all about classic colors and lines with occasionally some pops of color. Neutrals might seem boring to some but when you pair it with white, black, or even  denim jeans  you can really make a statement.

For instance, I got this amazing shirt on sale for only $29 from Marshall’s (which is one of my favorite stores, I always find great deals from there) that pairs a beautiful tan sweater with a white button down.  I then paired it with some American Eagle Jeans and BCBG heels (also from Marshall’s) and got nonstop compliments. 🙂


The next example was this gorgeous off-white fuzzy sweater with silver and pearl beading on the shoulders that was just calling to me; again, another Marshall’s find on sale for only $12.  Paired with charcoal denim jeans from Gap and my leopard Charming Charlie flats, it was a perfect casual look when running around the office for meetings.


Lastly, is my blush pink/tan H&M sweater that I got for only $8 that I complimented with H&M grey denim and metallic Charming Charlie flats and accessories.


Anything goes when it comes to neutral shades because there are so many versions and variations to choose from that you can never get bored.  I think that is why I love it so much! ! 🙂