Mykonos Town

As we traveled through the town of Mykonos one of my favorite parts was Mykonos town.  It is completely charming with all of its shops, amazing restaurants, beautiful white and blue homes and most importantly the phenomenal view at sunset.  We went there for two nights to have dinner, drinks, and desserts. With all the winding streets it is very easy to get lost and caught up in all the beauty there is to see..but we wouldn’t have had it any other way.               For my outfit I wanted to go with the color scheme of Mykonks Town and stuck with white and blue with a pop of my favorite red Rayban sunglasses to get me ready for 4th of July from the other side of the world 😉 🇺🇸 Hubby even joined in!! 😍                                      For dinner on our second night we went to Kounelas which was recommended to us by our hotel.  Diego was really craving to have some good fish and they said that this was the place to go.  From the moment we entered the place was filed with charm and everyone working there was a complete delight..especially our 6 year old waiter 😜 (his mom’s family owned the restaurant).          Skirt: Wildbloom Boutique Top:Gap Crossbody: Marshalls Bracelets: Lucalove Bracelets

Leduree Paris

Paris is an absolutely magical city and already in the past 3 days I have fallen in love!! The sights, the sounds, the food, the people and all the life it exudes. While we were planning our trip I knew one of the stops I had to make was at the famous Laduree pastry shop off of the Champ de E’lysees to pick up and savor the amazing macaroons that they are known for world wide..all I must say is they were absolutely delicious and I’ll probably be dreaming about them when we leave!! ❤️


Another thing I knew I had to plan while in Paris was my outfits because hello!!’s one of the biggest fashion capitols of the world and I wanted to blend in but still make a little bit of a statement. When thinking of shopping for Paris I knew I was going to do neutrals that consisted of black, white, creams and blush pinks. While talking to my friend Jennifer she totally gave me the idea of getting a tulle skirt to wear for a fun night out and shopping began to find the perfect one in my budget. I ended up finding this amazing one from Chicwish that was on sale and I absolutely love it…so a double reason to buy it!! 😉               

Skirt: Chicwish Shirt: HM Heels: Sam Edelman Bracelet: BurdLife and Charming Charlie  

Ombre Effect

With a touch of romance and dainty airy vibes I fell in love with this maxi dress the moment I found it at Marshall’s.  It’s gorgeous colors and ombre effect is completely captivating and I completely recommend this to any woman I come in contact with.

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Dress: Marshalls (similar here) Heels: Charlotte Russe (similar here) Bag: Charming Charlie (similar here and here) Accessories: Charming Charlie (similar here)

Picture taken by: Dawn P. Winston Photography

Location: Menil Musuem