I left my heart in Santorini, literally.  I have been blessed to travel to many places in my life but nothing captured my heart more than Santorini.

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The white buildings resting on the rocks had this immense sense of calmness and relaxation.  The sky was a crystal clear blue and the sun shined from 6am to 9pm; it was magical.

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One of my missions on the trip was I knew I had to see donkeys, and when I did I think I might have been too excited.  So on one of our days we went on the other side Oia by the dock and my mission was complete, I literally got to see 10 of them but decided not to ride them because I felt bad; needless to say after walking the 1000 foot trail I was quickly regretting my decision. But my husbands mission was complete because he got to jump off a rock 100+ feet into the water.

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Some of the cutest parts about Santorini was that there are dogs roaming or sleeping everywhere, all the time, and I am a huge dog lover so it was hard to resist playing with each of them.

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I told my husband that when we retire we have to do it in Santorini…it is absolutely to perfect not too.

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If I could suggest anyone to go anywhere it would be Santorini.  Not only for its pure beauty, but also for the feeling you have each day that you are there.  It feels like home and I can say that I have never felt like that in any other place but in Oia.


All Out Maxi 

You can never go wrong with a maxi dress…even in this 100+ degree Houston heat.

OX3SmwuBT4GY424kidDLdf9KFNGvYOkOEs9_VcGjZPw,0lvoKN4UFV9Gw5GZKkZYOY_XriS46zZ9MjkeqyBZ0Mk oeIEHz3LzHJzHkcmQzOb6EaegIIyLHmjeVYqq5rEpvg,eq69xoafzTabpm-jb27uD35D3ILGZbfNFHRn1r1T_CQ Nk7qOFXFAavQIzwtrE4rHCceXpKvLKv18DSb5fB2PXI,_UfX5Q1IraII-tiUTnZePyVibiapBW3K3CnPGg8Zrw8 MnbvW1t5DbA06ntSqFQ4xDWf2eJVOOEK8BGz0FrVfoU,kFxy64XJm68YwomPoHBVpgTtW-ivHTYeNCiUVTIyqDM bWIjl1Rkfpx8CGQGRfQ4PhVnF9WqZLNBF3gT2yrSGoY,7J8EkcCxYNVTnZd24Lw_Pb84nLX9IRzMsmz46Ro43t8

The moment Gray Door Boutique sent me this dress I instantly fell in love.  Not just because of the color, the fabric and the fit, but also because it was long.  Any tall girl knows the struggle of finding maxi dresses (I am 5’8 with flats), so to get this dress was a match made in heaven!!CGWjX9j4fFpDbYBpd4jnobuXfrzkcSENWfpZEgVSxIM,03zCdWJptWQr4bfavTgbHq_SNfeAAszDM4L9dIFTO9Y Ch0E9rE9jjHO7wlug5eDVl-CvwSf2yu81KO0jZ335Cs,7ExlbEViBUrSLLBSgRrpHcjgLN7346hFx6XRW6mgMpk H0kjvT3CvUQMaDt2_ASDBbM4pe4uefKXxNVUNSEt3Uk,1Fer-UKzSTKS-XGMaru8pydOZzbSS40kQlSc7sYdSY4GAFUzwTCtuJ5Q0mJF1ebQ70TudyXZ-BaIrTF_SDA9q4,aO_CJ8P3ecvMNFfUjiDc1E1veN9xqv81m4Hvg8ygMfg cusdnRYEk8RHDePnwnc48VBDeAknTvZlixeYggWSZEw,sWkLRABpl_4_zFR9Da5m0ucn82FXwOv-IvGxlDGJqD8

Dress: Gray Door Boutique (enter STYLE20 for 20% off ) Necklace: Kendra Scott Texas Necklace: Harwin Street (similar here) Handbag/ Bracelet: Charming Charlie (old style)

Thank you Gray Door Boutique for sponsoring this post.


Floral Off The Shoulder

I recently went to an event at Anthropologie for my fellow Houston Blogger The Lone Star Looking Glass and while shopping this gorgeous off the shoulder floral number caught my eye.  It was not only beautiful but was a perfect top to feel casual and sexy all at the same time.


I paired it with some white denim jeans and pops of blush pink which is my favorite color. ❤_DSC0568_DSC0820_DSC0577_DSC0612_DSC0813 _DSC0597_DSC0817 _DSC0803

Top: Anthropologie (Similar here & here) White Jeans: Charlotte Russe Heels: TJ Maxx (Similar here) Accessories: Burdlife & Charming Charlie

Location: Downtown Houston

Have a great hump day!!