Tribal Vest

When my eyes caught a glimpse of this amazing tribal vest at Marshall’s I instantly fell in love.  If you noticed from my previous post with Charming Charlie I was obsessing over my faux fur vest, but really I just love vests in general. 🙂


This tribal vest is such a great piece to layer on with any outfit, but particularly fall with all the warm tones it consists off.  I am always that person that is cold no matter what, so to have an extra fashionable layer to my outfit is perfect.

Handbags and necklaces like the ones in this post are just one of the many reason I love Charming Charlie.  They literally have anything you can imagine to take your outfit from fab to FABULOUS!! Always my go to and always a favorite for accessories.


Long SleeveSkirt/ Boots/ Handbag/ Long Pendant/ Medium Pendant/ Watch/ Bracelet

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Photos and Video by Think Elysian

Bell Sleeve Dress

I feel so lucky to be a brand ambassador for Charming Charlie.  We have had a relationship ever since I was in college grabbing jewelry for my sorority events, dates, and any other reason you can think of.  This month they sent me this complete look and I couldn’t wait to put it on and show you!!


This Emmie Bell Sleeve Dress is a gorgeous floral dress that exudes elegance and is the perfect dress to utilize all year round.  I specifically love this dress not only for its rich dark purple color and ruffled hemline, but it allows me to be super comfortable with my growing baby bump.

thinkelysian-look2_1-29thinkelysian-look2_1-15 thinkelysian-look2_1-30

Once I start feeling a cool breeze in the air I get really excited because that means I can start bringing out my faux fur vests.  Always a favorite of mine, it is such a perfect and cute layering pieces that adds that little bit of spunk and fun to any outfit.


Bell Sleeve Dress / Fur Vest / Handbag/ Black Booties (similar) / Long Pendant Necklace (similar) / Bracelets (similar)

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Seaside Florida

My first throwback Thursday blog post and I couldn’t help but want to do it on my trip to Seaside, Florida this past April to see the wedding of my fabulous friend; you can see the original post here.  This was my first time in Seaside and now I can see why my friend Kelsey chose this place for her was absolutely the cutest little town that I had ever been to in the US.

11146543_10102412619508336_4725299335543642966_n 11193323_10102412662711756_1932375838425602009_n 10430373_10102412618934486_6683825741085031224_n 11128340_10102412618979396_6051823354287931442_n 11140252_10102412619034286_8098759879189312158_n 11159981_10102412619114126_830212309450528808_n 11162209_10102412619413526_6899905204038538884_n

During our long weekend there we primarily spent it enjoying the beach and the scenery; you couldn’t help but take a picture everywhere you turned.

20930_10102412662651876_8152596411384583750_n 10408956_10102412662587006_597698626291747435_n 11167803_10102412618645066_4739276947579288422_n 10441513_10102412662312556_5809361337152207775_n 11046644_10102412662477226_1959022263789385376_n 11203696_10102412619468416_7284374299392915380_n

I can definitely see us going back with our kids one day during the summer and renting a cottage similar to this one, especially since its red and white. 🙂 GO COOGS!!!

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