First Time Parent’s Perspective

Being a first time parent is everything you have heard; absolutely amazing, but also absolutely exhausting.  In order to give other first time parents a true idea of what we have/are going through, we thought it would be fun to answer questions that reflect both of our perspectives.  Enjoy 🙂

Father’s PerspectiveIMG_0638

  • What do you love about being a parent?
    • The idea that our little girl is the best of both of us warms my heart. One of the things I love the most is staring into her eyes; even at 3:00am when I are dead tired.
  • What is the hardest thing to deal with?
    • Besides the lack of sleep, I hate when she is fussy and cries. The only thing I want to do is console her to make her discomfort go away.
  • What do you wish you knew before being a parent?
    • Nothing really. As crazy as it is, all the stories people tell you about your first born child are pretty accurate. By no means do we have all the answers or know all the tricks, but the beauty of it is that we will have a chance to figure it all out together for our little chiquitita.
  • What is the most rewarding?
    • So far, just watching her grow!!!! I cant wait to see her become her own little person and one day a powerful, confident, loving, and brilliant woman.  
  • What has been your favorite memory up until this point?
    • The first time I held her. The level of emotions that were flowing through me were crazy. Its true, having a baby girl changes a man for the better. 
  • What is great about having a little girl?
    • As mentioned previously, I believe it’s the emotional vulnerability (in a good way), that she allows me to have. I know there will be other great things, but these are thing I look forward to in the future (walking her down the aisle, father daughter dates, being her hero, etc).
  • Is there anything that you miss before having your baby?
    • In a way having the ability to do what you want when you want; but the tradeoff of having her trump this by the tenfold! 
  • Who do you think she looks like more?
    • I think me J but I think its because she has short hair. I do see certain features from mommy on her (her lips, her eyes).
  • What are you looking for too?
    • Too many things to list lol. I am so madly in love with my girls right now. 
  • What is the cutest thing she does?
    • She puckers her lips some times like she is trying to whistle. ADORABLE!!! 
  • What is the funniest thing she does?
    • When she poops and farts, you cant help but to crack up.
  • What do you miss most about her when you are not with her?
    • Her little baby smell. Oh and I love brushing her hair after showers, she has a ton of hair!!!
  • How do you share responsibilities with your wife?
    • Right now it feels like we are splitting responsibilities 40-60, maybe 35-65. Mama is truly picking up the bulk of it. She has been such a super woman, taking care of Sofia and keeping the house together. I truly appreciate all of her efforts as I was only able to take a week off from work for paternity leave. Hine sight, raising a child, specially a new born is exhausting work. I’ve worked some crazy schedules (one time I had to work 5 months straight, 12hr shifts) and this is more tiring LOL 
  • What tip(s) do you have for other first time parents?
    • Have plenty of diapers, baby wipes, small feeding bottles, baby cloth/accessories, and breast pump before your baby arrives. Make sure you have all of you finances established for the big change. Be ready for 3-5hr of sleep nights. Make sure to watch over each other, mommy/daddy/baby; this can be an emotional roller coasted, remembers why you had a child and love the hell out of each other.

Mother’s Perspectivesofi

  • What do you love about being a parent?
    • Knowing that she is all ours.  An amazing, beautiful creation of the love my husband and I have for each other.
  • What is the hardest thing to deal with?
    • The lack of sleep is pretty intense.  People always tell you to get as much sleep as you can before you have a baby, but any pregnant woman will tell you that is nearly impossible.  Depending on how big your belly gets it can happen sooner, but by month 7 I was sleeping only a few hours a night.  So considering that I have been going on “E” for over 4 months now. :/  Another thing is doing everything by myself when Diego is at work.  From feedings, cleaning to sleeping, there is absolutely no time to really take a breather for myself.  When I finally get more than 10 minutes I enjoy every minute. lol
  • What do you wish you knew before being a parent?
    • What my husband said.  Not only did people tell us everything we needed to know, but we read books, took classes and  the doctors are your best source of knowledge.
  • What is the most rewarding?
    • Being able to be a stay at home and be with her all the time to watch how much she changes and grows; it really is the best feeling in the world.  Plus I send Diego a million pictures and videos a day so it feel like he is there with us!
  • What has been your favorite memory up until this point?
    • It really is hard to pick one favorite memory, but if I did it would be the same as my husbands.  My husband is a very strong man and is not a crier at all, so when I watched him hold his daughter for the first time, it completely melted my heart to mush.  It was from that moment I knew that this little girl would be wrapped around his little finger and he would do absolutely anything for her.
  • What is great about having a little girl?
    • To have a little mini me running around and a partner in crime.  I can’t wait to go shopping with her, get matching outfits (yes it will happen lol), talk about boys, teach her how to do her makeup, but also to make sure she is a strong, independent woman.
  • Is there anything that you miss before having your baby?
    • Being able to go and do whatever I want, whenever I want.  Even with that said, that means nothing when now I would rather be home with her all day, just to love on her and take in all those special moments as she grows.
  • Who do you think she looks like more?
    • I know everyone says she looks like my husband, but if anyone saw my baby picture they would say she is almost identical to me. lol Either way she will be a perfect mix of Diego and I, and I cannot wait to see her grow into the woman she will become.
  • What are you looking for too?
    • Everything!!!!!!!
  • What is the cutest thing she does?
    • She has these really cute noises that she does where it sounds like she is a little bird, and while she is doing it she gives little smiles and opens her mouth in the cutest way.  
  • What is the funniest thing she does?
    • Her farts are the funniest things ever!!!
  • What do you miss most about her when you are not with her?
    • Just being with her, looking into her eyes and giving her little kisses all over her face; her smell is also amazing!! 
  • How do you share responsibilities with your husband?
    • When Diego gets home he takes on more of the help with Sofia, because it gives me a chance to eat, take a nap, blog, and give my arms a much needed break. lol  At night we also do shifts of either 9pm to 1-2am and 1-2am to 6am to give us each some time to sleep.
  • What tip(s) do you have for other first time parents?
    • Going to repeat what Diego said: have plenty of diapers, baby wipes, small feeding bottles, baby cloth/accessories, and breast pump before your baby arrives. 

I hope this has/will help anyone current or future parent because the saying is very true when thy say you are not alone. 😉 So when it gets tough don’t be afraid to reach out, and when it’s amazing don’t forget to take in every second because it won’t be like this for long. 

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Sofia Everly’s Nursery

When I found out we were having a girl I already knew exactly how I wanted to decorate my daughter’s nursery.  I have always loved the airy, feminine and romantic colors of blush pinks and ivory, so when envisioning my little girls room there was no exception.

I went for a shabby chic nursery look with pops of mint that my husband suggested.  After we started compiling all the pieces to her nursery together we got more excited for our daughter Sofia to finally come and enjoy it. ❤

style the girl nursery 1 style the girl nursery 11 style the girl nursery 12

One of the most special parts to our daughters nursery was this lyric wall.  The song “A Thousand Years” from Christina Perry has always had a extremely special place in my husband’s and I hearts (I walked down the aisle to the instrumental version at our wedding; you can see the Iheartflipbook version here. ❤

When trying to think of what part of the song we wanted to use it was a no brainer.  “I have loved you for a thousand years, I’ll love you for a thousand more”; these words meant so much to us before, but now having our first child it resonated tenfold.  Even before we knew you were possible you were in our dreams, our hearts, and we will always love you.

I have been lucky to have one of our favorite couples Holly-Dae and Ben Burton be able to bring Diego and I’s vision to life.  Not only did they do that, but they went above and beyond and we could not be more amazed and happy with our lyric wall.  If anyone in Houston and the surrounding areas are looking to add more of a creative spin to their walls, you HAVE to reach out to them at Arts by Aaron (website coming soon). More information on on their company and how to reach them at the end of the post. 🙂
style the girl nursery 3 style the girl nursery 4style the girl baby roomstyle the girl nursery 18 style the girl nursery 16 style the girl nursery 17

My favorite part of this map is the little flags.  Each represents where are love was born; my husband from Venezuela, Sofia from Paris and myself from Houston. ❤style the girl nursery 5 style the girl nursery 6style the girl nursery 10style the girl nursery 7 style the girl nursery 8

I love this part of Sofia’s room because of all the books that we received as gifts during my pregnancy; she will definitely be a little book the girl nursery 9style the girl nursery 13

Details to where I purchased items in Sofia’s nursery.
Crib- BuyBuyBaby // Crib Sheet- Restoration Hardware Baby // Crib Skirt- Restoration Hardware Baby // Crib Bumper- Restoration Hardware Baby // Crib Blanket- Marshall’s // Dresser- BuyBuyBaby // Glider- Pottery Barn Baby // Rug- Restoration Hardware Baby // Window Drapes- Pottery Barn Baby // Side Tables- Marshall’s // Side Table Baskets- Hobby Lobby (re-painted with mint chalk paint) // Large Lamb Stuffed Animal- Marshall’s// Medium Lamb Stuffed Animal/ Small Bunny Stuffed Animal- Pottery Barn // Photo Frames- Marshall’s/ TJ Maxx/ Home Goods/ Hobby Lobby // Peter Rabbit Pictures- Amazon (bought frames separately at Ikea) // Lamps- Marshall’s//

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Design by: ArtsbyAARON 

Meet the “BRUSH-aholics” Holly-Dae & Benjamin “AARON” Burton. We both shared a hobby of interior painting and room design and wanted to take our ideas and illustrations to the next level. In 2015 ArtsbyAARON was established and we have been on a ROLL ever since, literally. We pride ourselves in creating design concepts that are unique to each client’s personality, budget and lifeSTLYE. Our personal motto is “We believe ART is a lifeSTYLE”. 

Our services offered are: 
ARTistic painting (within Katy/Houston surrounding areas…willing to travel per availability) 
ARTisitic decor (sold online) 
ARTistic apparel (sold online) 

Because we believe ART is a lifeSTYLE we wanted to provide services and items that will allow you to showcase this on a daily basis.  We look forward to going on this journey with you and appreciate your support. Remember to follow us on instagram and receive frequent updates on design projects, customer testimonials, and website/blog launch information. 

To reach the BRUSH-aholics:
Website: (Coming soon)
Instagram: @artsbyaaron
Email: (response provided within 24-48 hours)


Sofia Everly’s Birth Story

I will never forget March 3, 2016.  This was the day my beautiful baby girl Sofia came into the world.  I knew I would love this little girl more than anything, but I never knew this type of love  almost obsessive type of love that I know all other parents understand when they see, feel, and embrace their newborn baby for the first time.  Here is Sofia Everly’s birth story. ❤

style the girl birth story

It all started Tuesday March 1st, I was officially 37 weeks and everything was going as planned until I received a call at 2pm from my mom at work; or at least I thought it was my mom.  When I picked up a gentleman answered who was from the Houston Fire Department.  He stated that my mom was in a car accident and didn’t remember anything about the accident..I was in a panic.  He stated that they would be taking my mom to the hospital downtown so I headed straight there.  When I arrived they had started completing multiple tests on my mom while I was contacting her medical insurance, car insurance and my dad to let him know what had happened.  My dad just left the previous Saturday to Colombia and my sister left Saturday as well for a week long trip to Peru with her boyfriend; it was just a cluster of everything coming together.

After a few hours they stated that they found a mass in her brain and suggested my mom stay at the hospital overnight so they could ensure no other problems would occur.  I left a little after 10pm and was back at the hospital the next morning.

After waiting what seemed like a eternity for the Neurosurgeon to see us he finally arrived.  He began asking my mom questions to test her memory and it was hard to watch her get a lot of them wrong. 😦

He then asked “Mrs. Salinas, did you know you had a brain tumor?” My heart sunk to my chest and I didn’t know what to say or think.  We always knew my mom had issues with her memory, but it was always little things..but this was hard to swallow.  Thankfully the doctor said it was not cancerous, so my mom and I could breath a small sigh of relief.

After grabbing the doctors information and his suggestions for doctor’s to see my mom, we got discharged and headed to the tow truck location to have them transport my mom’c car to the house.  After two hours and a large payment later we left to the house with the the tow truck guy in tow.

After a crazy day I finally decided to lay down on my parents bed to put my feet up.  Right when I did that I felt this large gush of water in my pants..I knew exactly what that was, my water broke.  I ran to the bathroom and screamed for my mom to let her know what had happened and we were both in shock.  I began to cry light tears because I could not believe this was happening; I was not prepared.

I immediately called Diego and I told him my water broke.  I knew at first he didn’t believe me so he said to call the doctor to make sure. When I told the doctor what happened she said “Yup, your going into to labor so head to the hospital.”

My mind was running crazy, I had three more weeks to go until Sofia was suppose to come and these last two days were complete craziness…I have a feeling Sofia could feel my stress level and said “Mom, I am making my grand entrance, so get ready for this cuteness.” 🙂

My mom and I jumped in the car and headed to the hospital in 5:30pm Wednesday traffic.  Luckily, even with the traffic and the hospital right next to the NRG stadium where the Houston Rodeo was going on, we got there in less than 45 minutes…thank goodness.

Diego was already at the hospital when we arrived and checked us all in.  When we got into our labor room they stated I was only 2 cm dilated; over the next few hours they kept testing to see if my water had actually broke and it kept coming up negative.  Diego and I were really worried that we would have to go home.  The last thing you want is to go to the hospital and mentally prepare to have a baby and then get sent home.

Around 10:30pm Diego’s mom came to pick up my mom and bring her to her house to get a good night’s sleep. (the doctor stated she could no longer drive anymore- another craziness of the day).  After my mom had left the resident doctor came in to do one finally check and sure enough she stated,  “Yup girl, you are having this baby by morning.  Prep her for an epidural and labor.”

It was the best feeling, but also extremely frightening for a first time mom.  Labor was always what I was most scared of during my pregnancy and here we were.

Since I wasn’t feeling to much pain with the contractions I told my nurse that I wanted to wait awhile until it becomes  more strong to get the epidural.  Once midnight hit and the pain was getting my stronger but husband decided to go ahead and get it done before the pain got stronger and longer.

FYI, when they say the epidural is amazing they were definitely not kidding.  Once I got the magic juice I literally felt was phenominal.  lol

After a quick nap the nurses came to check on me and within 20 minutes I went from being 6 cm dilated to 10+1; this baby was coming and they immediately called the doctor to get her here as soon as possible to help me get my beautiful baby girl out.

The doctor arrived within 15 minutes.  She told me to give her the biggest pushes I could imagine and in 10 pushes Sofia Everly was out.  Diego and I were balls of mush and instantly began crying.  The moment that we have been thinking about for months was finally here..our baby girl Sofia Everly Rojas was born.

5 lbs 13 oz and 18 1/2 inches of pure perfection at 4:39am on March 3, 2016.

IMG_8663 IMG_8675

I know people won’t really believe me, but after hearing all the horrible labors that my friends had gone through I was sure I would encounter the same thing.  The fact that my pregnancy and labor was so nice and easy still is shock for me, but a major blessing!!!  When my husband and I noticed this the first thing we said was, “Yup, we are having a ton more children.” lol 🙂

Hopefully we get blessed as much as this pregnancy, but I seriously can not wait to have more children with my husband…even if it means years of sleepless nights ahead of us.  It is totally worth it.


Today our daughter Sofia Everly is exactly 3 weeks old and we could not be more in love!!!!  She is the best and biggest accomplishment of my husband and I and we could not be more thankful and blessed to have her in our life!!

We love you Sofia Everly Rojas!!  To the moon and back, infinity and beyond, forever and ever.<3