Seaside Florida

My first throwback Thursday blog post and I couldn’t help but want to do it on my trip to Seaside, Florida this past April to see the wedding of my fabulous friend; you can see the original post here. ¬†This was my first time in Seaside and now I can see why my friend Kelsey chose this place for her was absolutely the cutest little town that I had ever been to in the US.

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During our long weekend there we primarily spent it enjoying the beach and the scenery; you couldn’t help but take a picture everywhere you turned.

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I can definitely see us going back with our kids one day during the summer and renting a cottage similar to this one, especially since its red and white. ūüôā GO COOGS!!!

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After 19 years the Salinas girls were headed back to Germany.  The last time we were there was the entire summer of 1996 and we had the most amazing time that so many details are still very vivid in my brain today.  The time was special because not only was it 19 years that we traveled to Germany today, but it had been 14 years since my mom had been back home.



This was the first stop on our trip and definitely the most important since this is the city that my mom was born and raised.  I had brought my husband, back then my bf, to Germany 5 years ago for Oktoberfest and got to show him all around the town.  This time it was great to come back with my mom and sister and relive our days when we would come visit our grandmother.


The home my grandmother lived in when we visited her for the summer.


The home my mother grew up in.

_DSC0101 _DSC0103_DSC0202 _DSC0112_DSC0228 _DSC0256

When we were in Duisburg it was the same weekend that the yearly Schutzenfest took place. ¬†It is a fun weekend where men complete in different things to either become King or Prince of Schutzenfest; my godfather was both. ¬†Above are some of my amazing German family. ūüôā¬†¬†How cute is my little cousin Jonas…I officially started calling him Prince George. lol

You can also see more about my Aunt and Uncle’s garden home in Duisburg¬†here.


Our next stop was to Dusseldorf for the day to do some eating, shopping, and anything touristy.

IMG_3624 IMG_3598IMG_3618 IMG_3649IMG_3633


For our 3rd stop we headed to Munich.  I love Munich because it has such a vibrant lifestyle and so much history..whenever I go I have to take a day tour somewhere.  This time I took my mom and sister on a tour to the Neuschwanstein Castle, Lindhof Castle, and the super cute town called Oberammergau.


IMG_3674 IMG_3692


Neuschwanstein Castle (New Swan Castle) is in Fussen, Germany and was made by Ludwig II of Bavaria as a retreat and homage to composer Richard Wagner.  Unfortunately, Ludwig II would never enjoy the home because he was declared mental insane; the day after he was declared he was found dead win a lake.  Till today no one knows how or by who.

Another fun fact is Disney used the Neuschwanstein Castle as the inspiration for the Cinderella castle at two Disney theme parks, and is recognized as a icon and flagship attraction for both parks.

_DSC0269 _DSC0273IMG_3752 IMG_3827 IMG_3829The cutest little town of Oberammergau._DSC0301 _DSC0304 _DSC0306 _DSC0315 _DSC0323 _DSC0326 _DSC0335 _DSC0341 _DSC0344

Now it was time to explore Munich where we saw Marienplatz, the Munich Residenz, and Nymphenburg Palace before we got on our train to Frankfurt.

_DSC0351 _DSC0355 IMG_3850 IMG_3837 IMG_3845 IMG_3856 IMG_3953 IMG_3974


For our last stop we enjoyed the city of Frankfurt where we got to tour the Frankfurt Cathedral, the Frankfurter Romer, Museumsufer, and many more.

IMG_3985 IMG_4057IMG_4064 IMG_4060 IMG_4085

Yes, we climbed all the way to the top to see an amazing view of the city; let’s just say my fears of heights was at a all time high.

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Garden Dress

For the first part of our trip to Germany we stayed in Duisburg where my mom is from.  It is an absolutely charming town with adorable classic homes, tons of beautiful gardens and many memories of when I would come down for the entire summer to spend time with my grandmother.

On the second day my Aunt Wilma picked us all up and took us to their garden home.  In Duisburg most people live in either apartments or town homes, so they do not have land to plant or garden.  Here it allows them the opportunity to have their own space to do just that, and it was absolutely adorable.           I wore this dress because it was perfect to run around the town and super comfortable. I picked it up the weekend before at Marshalls and paired it with my Forever 21 felt hat, sandals and a backpack to carry all of my travel essentials: Nikon cameras, Gopro, and etc.        Nestled between hundreds of other garden homes my Aunts was my favorite.  Immensly cute, vibrant, and nothing but perfect German charm!!

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